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Dilmoni main market is Europe, however we also export to the following countries: Australia, Finland, Germany, Holland, Japan, Latvia, Mexico, Singapore and USA.
In USA, we supply to the following companies, Pierce Martin and Padmas Plantation. Whilst we are not yet dealing with any major retailer in the US, since expanding our capacity, it is our every intention to promote ourselves to such companies as Pottery Barn & Elm St of the William Sonoma group, Pier 1 Imports, Crate and Barrel, as well as Kohls just to name a few. These companies are potential customers of PT Dilmoni, and I believe we have something to offer that is of interest.
To retailers, wholesaler/importer, designers and other international buyers of handicraft furniture an exclusive partner in production.

We offer our production facility, management, technical skills and knowledge of the industry, and our commitment to high-quality standards at a price, which is competitive in comparison to other low level local manufacturers in the market. Whether it is a whole product or part, we will cater to produce your furniture or basket concepts, simple or unique at a cost effective price that’s beneficial to the buyer and Dilmoni.

Dilmoni also offers its own product designs of RATTAN, LOOM & OUTDOOR FURNITURE.

At present, Dilmoni produces mainly seating furniture ranging from dining, casual, occasional to sofas. Tables, we have a small collection of side tables, coffee tables and dining tables. We apply woven, glass, plywood or veneer tops, but very few solid tops. We do not produce solid wood top dining tables for fear of producing poor quality due to our lack of experience and facility. We do not have a new collection of basket-ware accessories. We produce them on a need to basis according to buyers. In time, we hope to produce a collection of woven accessories that befits Dilmoni's and its buyer concept

Donē collection
Designed especially to us by internationally renowned award winning product designers, our Donē collection is a reflection of the company's endeavor to produce products that signifies quality. The designs combine the use of rattan, stainless steel and wood to produce a very unique, distinctive and clever collection of modern contemporary furniture that one day will be recognized all over the world. We have already registered the name Donē in over 167 countries.
  Donē designers are:
:: Juoko Jarvisalo
:: Pentti Hakala
:: Miko Paakkanen
Please view our Donē collection at: www.modusnatura.com
Future offerings

Dilmoni will soon venture to the mid to low-end market, targeting price conscious volume buyers. We will offer our quality and production management expertise to produce price competitive quality products. The production of such products will most likely be split between In-House and Sub-contract, with the latter engaged in most of the production.