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As at end of September 2006, Dilmoni relocated to its new factory. Measuring 14,000 sqm in land with 10,000 sqm of building, 2.5 times the size of our previous location.
Dilmoni's compressor lines and connectors are already set up, and that equates to a capacity of 400 In-House WEAVERS, in addition 50 In-House LOOM attachments. Dilmoni's expected daily weaving capacity output will be ± 400 pcs per day, in addition loom attachment output of ± 300 pcs per day. Up to now, we have yet to utilize our full capacity.
Rattan frames : 100% In-House.

In addition, a few subcontractors are available but seldom utilized. With the new facility, if outsourcing is necessary, Dilmoni will first maximize usage of space available inside Dilmoni and have the subcontractors work in-house so that we can control the quality and quantity output.

Weaving (plastic or rattan) : 100% In-House.

In addition, a few subcontractors available but seldom utilized. Should outsourcing be necessary, Dilmoni will outsource rattan weaving not plastic weaving. Reason being, there is sufficient supply of rattan raw material and skilled rattan weavers in Cirebon. They require only good training, monitoring and control. Any poor quality work of rattan can be easily repaired. Whereas plastic material is a more expensive material and any misuse of the material outside would be costly. Also, quality / skilled plastic weavers are limited. Therefore, we prefer to have 100% control over plastic production output.

Loom attachment : 100% In-House.
No plans to outsource.
Wood frames : 60% In-House and 40% Outsourced

Metalwork : 100% outsourced / sub-contracted to a handful of reliable suppliers.

We have also exercised importing built up stainless steel frames from China and we plan to import further depending on quantity and price requirements.
We do have immediate plan to have our own In-House metalwork production. In the beginning, we plan to produce mainly aluminum and metal frames, however, our goal is to also produce majority of stainless steel frames.

Wet Spray Finishing : 100% In-House

Our new Finishing facility houses 2 double sided waterfall spray booths = 8 spray guns, plus a standard single sided spray booth = 2 spray guns. We expect to have a minimum daily output of 500pcs of chairs.
And not very far away from us, we have available a powder-coating facility, for customers needing exterior PU finish on their metalwork. This facility is not owned by Dilmoni, however, we have a good working relationship with this supplier for almost 5 years and receive the attention and priority necessary.